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"If people think they will live forever, they will not live a full life. Your life should be influenced by thinking about mortality."

— Rebecca Halporn, Center for Thanatology Research & Education

The vitality of our Paris is enhanced by an appreciation of its cemeteries. Paris Graves' memorial walks, blended with singular French attractions, are designed to open a window with a view to...something beyond words. A realm where visitors can also meet like-minded people while discovering their Paris. (1)

Join us among the most amazing collection of mausoleums, temples, mosques, obelisks, pyramids, broken columns, ziggurats, chapels, menhirs, tiny Gothic cathedrals, miniature basilicas, urns and altars. The three major necropoles of Paris — Père Lachaise, Montmartre and Montparnasse — offer exquisite delights rarely experienced by the vast majority of tourists to the City of Light. And we have designed a program that will enable you to experience bringing death into the fabric of life, incorporating the fact of mortality with the joy of living. Paris will never have alive.

We trust that if you come with us you'll return home stimulated, enchanted...and comforted. The Ile de la Cité is where Paris began, and all distances from the city to the farthest reaches of France are still measured from a paving stone — kilometre zero — which lies in front of Notre Dame Cathedral. Our experience is that Paris Graves participants embrace the cemeteries of the capital, psychologically, so that they become their kilometre zero, the yardstick by which they set enjoy the embarrassment of riches which is Paris. Our other walks are merely icing on le gateau.


(1) Our sessions are characterized by harmony among participants, with many common denominators shared within each group. Whether you admire de Maupassant or Jim Morrison, Molière, Man Ray or Montand, we trust that you will discover celestial aspects of Paris. Think moon(lit)talks with individuals in rapport, treading softly on truly intriguing soil. Adam Gopnik's Paris to the Moon notes that "If a train were going to run to the moon, that train would originate from the Gare du Nord...." And just as that book begins as journalism and ends up as literature, we expect that your Paris-time with us will rise above the mundane, helping you to discover your Paris.

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